"In my case… It was because I was able to see the sky while I was swimming backstroke that I stopped being scared. But starting with backstroke isn’t the normal way to teach someone to swim."
"So what? You should just do it your own way."
"Haru… You’re right. I’ll give it a try!"

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Shizume Week; day 2 I wounds

Shizume Week; day 2 I wounds

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Video Game Challenge | Video Games [4/7] | TES V: Skyrim
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Anonymous said:
I hope Haru doesn't rely on Rin too much though, the last thing I want is a reversal of last season where it's now Rin who "saves" Haru because ugh I won't be able to stand that.

Nah I don’t think so, I think he’d just be considering a lot of options. I think the person Rin would ‘save’ this season is Sousuke if anyone.

I mean Haru does seem to be the type that likes to fix things himself but gets supported silently in a way that’s good for him, it helped him last season (episode 9) but I wonder if this season will be the same? Haru really has a lot to think about just now so he will need to be talking it out with so many people and it seems even Sousuke is stepping in and calling him out on it in some way so.

I’m actually really worried though but it’ll all work out. I just want Haru to do what makes him happy and he’s getting all different advice right now so it’s going to be messing with his head (Amakata saying he should consider pro, Gou hinting at that too, Nagisa saying he should do it but that he also has other skills to consider, Rei giving his wise words in ep 7 about what it means to be free to him) so I guess this sort of questioning is understandable.

I suppose we can only really see how it plays out. It seems a bit soon for them to be heading to regionals already but that is what seems to be happening this ep so

I know my thoughts are all over the place but I really have no idea what to expect right now and well I mean I have my ideas but I don’t want to speculate too much

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Anonymous said:
Personally I don't want lots of Haru and Rin talking alone together because of the drama it will stir up but that's just me. I thought it was Makoto Rin was talking to when he said "but, as always, he just seems to avoid/run away from (it)" and Makoto replying "I’m sure Haru is thinking about a lot of things in his way." but I could be wrong. I hope it's true though because Rin and Makoto haven't had one scene alone together in the entire anime, including season 1

Yeah I understand that feeling, I just want them to talk because as I said I think Rin is a sort of shining beacon at this point to all of them, not just Haru, because he has his life in order. Everything is currently going the way he plans (well at least he thinks it is coughSousukecough) because he is on good terms with friends, getting to swim in the relay he wants, being scouted like literally his whole future is planned and going smoothly but Haru is the complete opposite now, he’s still lost. He currently has no sense of direction and is watching on as people are slowly piecing things together (like Makoto this last episode) but he is undecided. So in that regard Rin would be perfect to talk to. And honestly I want them to talk because I love their friendship and I will do my best to ignore the shippers as I always do lol

Oh no you’re right, this does seem like it could be the same conversation! That would be so good because they’re friends too and it bugs me that their interaction has been nothing but phone calls since series 1 (except their cuteness in the hug ep12) so this would be great to see.

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Anonymous said:
Forget the Haru and Rin interaction, I'm more excited for what looks like Makoto and Rin talking about Haru together

Oh shit do you think it would be? I just would have assumed he was talking to Sousuke seeing as Sousuke is obv going to play a big role in this too with what he was saying to Haru in the last preview.

Aaaah ok I hope it is that because these are the 2 who know him best and the 2 who would give him the best advice I think but that would be so nice. I really do hope that’s the case now. I’m still looking forward to Haru and Rin talking though because I was thinking that yesterday that Rin would be a good person to talk to right now because he’s the only one who actually seems to have himself in order and seeing as Haru has the same options as him now he will be a good person to talk to.

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Free! Eternal Summer Episode 9 Preview; Version 2: TRANSLATION
{sorry, I’m unsure of the translation this time, correct me if something’s inaccurate; most should be correct.}

"It’s almost time!"

"Are you really okay?.."

”..yeah.. it’s nothing.”

”..but, as always, he just seems to avoid/run away from (it).” 

"I’m sure Haru is thinking about a lot of things in his way."

"I can’t tell unless he says something.." 

"Next is Haruka-senpai!"

"Let’s go! Haru-chan!"

"Enough… Stop."

"Then just what is it you swim for?"


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We all need to talk about Momo for a second. I know Sousuke’s drama stole the show for alot of people but please take a moment of your day and think about this GIGANTIC SWEETHEART.

Look at how much he cares about Nitori’s feelings! Look at how reassuring he wants to be!!! LOOK AT WHAT A GOOD FRIEND HE IS TO SOMEONE HE HASN’T EVEN KNOWN FOR THAT LONG.

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Hannibal cinematography: time lapse

Time lapse is a technique in which the frequency at which frames are captured is lower than the frequency at which they are viewed, giving the impression of time flying by. Executive Producer David Slade describes the use of time lapse for establishing location shots as a deliberate choice to invoke uncertainty in the audience. Such shots suggest an ambiguity over the passage of time, so that the viewer is unsure how much time has passed between scenes. [x]

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incredibly late response OMG YES HI. Your Philip cosplay was awesome, I’m so excited that you’re planning another.

I’m not sure how helpful this picture is but hopefully you can see things more clearly? >w>

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I’ve been single for a while now, and I have to say it’s going really well. Like, it’s working out. I think I’m the one.

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"That idiot……"
"AHOmine….." by Seal

"That idiot……"

"AHOmine….." by

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  • M y  L I G H T  x  M y  K N I G H T
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