Something I don’t understand is why people think that because Yuuki and Kaname had sex with each other that she is suddenly not worthy of Zero.

Worse yet, some seem to think that because she had sex with Kaname that she will definitely be with him in the end.

Sex is a big deal in any relationship, of course, but not everyone will stay forever with the first person they had sex with. Very few people do. It is a rather idealised thought of love and sex if people think that way.It’s not really romantic, it’s just naive.

If Kaname truly is the “ancestor” and the one who started the Kurans he too would have had sex before with someone else…does that make him unworthy of Yuuki? Why should a womans worth be measured by her virginity anyway.

Yuuki and Kaname had sex because it was their way of saying goodbye and it was to answer a question plaguing Yuuki’s mind; Did she love Zero? Or did she love Kaname?

She loves them both, whether you like it or not.

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